Whether we want to admit it or not, most agencies have roughly the same process. Planning, prototyping, design, development, deployment. It’s true that this process, managed correctly, is integral to ushering a project through to launch.

However, at Blueberry Ln that’s not our secret sauce.

Here’s what is.


In every project phase, from planning to deployment, our developers are present and lend their voice.

Minimizing the disconnect

Involving our development team every step of the way helps us avoid the all-too-common disconnect between development and everything else. When the tech team is sidelined while all the other teams — business, design, content, etc — work on the project, the result is a vision that developers have to interpret, rather than help create.

With rich backgrounds in business, technology, gaming and design, our developers have a broad range of capabilities and are uniquely qualified to listen and to speak into projects at every phase.

Many of our clients and partners hire us based on this.

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