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About Us

How it all started…if you’re into history.

Blueberry Ln. was founded in October 2000 by accident.

Andrew Figgins, Principal, was a Social Work major at the University of Illinois-Chicago when he discovered he had a knack for creating websites. In 2001 he landed an internship at a not-for-profit with a 3-page website that was really begging for some true expertise. Fast forward to 2006 — and that site had grown to nearly 500 pages and garnered awards for the way it was accessible to people with disabilities.

Andrew was the critical ingredient to getting them there, and he continues to be that passionate visionary, that go-to web whiz kid, but now backed by a bunch of equally web-savvy pros — all dedicated to helping you achieve your goals.

What we give you.

Our full-service agency provides small and medium-sized businesses with expert web solutions including:

  • Dynamic websites built with WordPress
  • E-commerce integrations
  • Mobile/tablet device optimization
  • Web application development
  • …and more

And we have done this across a variety of industries including legal, hospitality, e-commerce, retail and healthcare — so far.

Time for some name-dropping.

We have proven ourselves time and time again, and as a result many notable design firms, such as Caliente in Chicago and Up All Day in Boston/Vegas, now rely on Blueberry Ln. as their trusted resource for exceptional web products and services. We also we hold strategic partnerships with some extremely tech-savvy companies including IBM, Dell and American Express.

View our portfolio to get a sense of our recent and best client work.

Bottom line?

Blueberry Ln. was founded by someone with a lifelong desire to help others. And we simply cannot keep ourselves from applying that same passion and deep expertise to help you. Get what you need…and more. Contact us today!

Recent Work

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